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Photo Session Saturday with Steinhaus Photography

JDJ Image4

Recently I had the privilege to work with Sharon at Steinhaus Photography to showcase the new store and the crazy lady running it (me). Sharon did such a wonderful job, and she had some excellent ideas for highlighting the store, as well as incorporating some items that are very important to me. We had fun wandering through the store, and she did a great job with directing the shots she wanted to capture.

JDJ Image3  JDJ Image13JDJ Image8 JDJ Image12JDJ Image18 JDJ Image14JDJ Image17

Many of our visitors and customers ask “Exactly how long have you been doing this?”. I can tell that many people find it hard to believe that I started “picking” per se, at age 7. However, it is true. My parents began dragging me around the country looking for antiques at a very early age. I will be 29 soon, so 22 years. Long enough to know just a little about everything and a lot about nothing. I still have some of my very first purchases as a kid on the road. A collection of Peanuts books and a Peanuts tin lunch box that still have a place in my home’s decor and probably always will. Sharon made sure to include both in this photo shoot, and I am so glad that she did! What a nice memory to have.

JDJ Image11 JDJ Image15

JDJ Image10

I highly recommend Steinhaus Photography, Sharon does an excellent job working with your vision and taking it to another level. Please visit for more information!



Stefanie is the creator, curator, and masquerador of all things Junk Drunk Jones. She opened her first storefront in May of 2015. She enjoys using her creativity and love for vintage flair to create a nostalgic wonderland for her customers.

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