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Taking 2015 by the Horns

Well hello everyone! It has been a minute since we have published any blog posts. Our apologies!

If you have been out and about and shopping with us you know we have been busy rocking and rolling. We totally revamped our spaces at Lakewood 400, bringing in more spectacular gas pumps, soda machines, neons, signage, and more. You name it and we drug it in. Took us a few weeks, and 5 able bodies moving, positioning, organizing, re-organizing, and arguing to get her all set up. Here is a sneak peak if you missed it on our social media outlets:


If you want to see all of the goods you have to head over on a market weekend (3rd weekend of the month) and shop for yourself! for more info.

         We also have had a few teasers out there that we are in the process of making a huge announcement or two. We should have the go ahead within the next week. We will spill the beans as soon as we can – scouts honor! (I wasn’t a scout, but my pops was!)             See:

circa 1957! He is gonna shoot me when he sees I posted this... photo cred to my sis for finding this scrapbook page she made.
circa 1957! He is gonna shoot me when he sees I posted this… photo cred to my sis for finding the scrapbook page she made.

        We are prepping a big sign show and party for this May, at the town (Dennisville) in North GA. If you are interested in shopping at or selling at this grand party please email us at for availability and information. We will go ahead and let you know that you will see some extremely rare, and extremely amazing old advertising pieces. Collectors from all over the country will be participating and it is always the best of the best when those fellas show up. Not to mention our own collection ain’t too shabby either. In conjunction with our heart being in the community we have selected a local charitable organization to donate all seller set up fees and donations generated at this event to. We have been working with none other than Ms. Livi for this year’s event! You all should remember her from last Spring. We met up with the little darling and showed her around the town. You can see more on that great day we had with her by clicking this link:

For her full story please go to her go fund me site: If she is feeling up to it she will come and see us at the event.

Well, that is all I am at liberty to say for now, so stay tuned for some GRAND announcements coming right up!



Stefanie is the creator, curator, and masquerador of all things Junk Drunk Jones. She opened her first storefront in May of 2015. She enjoys using her creativity and love for vintage flair to create a nostalgic wonderland for her customers.

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