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Happy New Year

And a very special thanks!
And a very special thanks!

After a busy weekend of picking through garages, basements, and an auction we would have to say that the biggest gift we get would be the acquaintances and friends we make along the way. People invite us into their homes and tell us about their most prized treasures. When the opportunity is right they even allow us to take a little piece of their history back to JDJ in order for us to find a great new home for it. That takes a lot of trust, and that doesn’t go unnoticed.

There isn’t a perfect business model to follow when it comes to what we do. The lifeline of the business is the people you know, who likes you enough to share, and enough to tell their friends about you as well.

As we prepare for 2014 we just wanted to say thank you. If you have ever invited us into your life, sold to us, traded with us, swapped stories, we appreciate it all. The more miles and stories under our belt help us to provide the most beautiful and eclectic selection of collections that we can. will be moving and shaking in the upcoming year, we are glad we get to share that with everyone who has decided to share with us.

Cheers to a new year!



Stefanie is the creator, curator, and masquerador of all things Junk Drunk Jones. She opened her first storefront in May of 2015. She enjoys using her creativity and love for vintage flair to create a nostalgic wonderland for her customers.

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