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Greetings from some very happy campers!


We are writing to announce (hence the huge megaphone) that we will be officially launching our very own online store this month! is happening. We couldn’t be more excited!

What better way to celebrate than to host a party and have some giveaways.

Do you wanna party with us? Here’s the plan Stan. If you want to be a part of our exclusive launch party do the following:

*Email us at:  with the subject line: launch. The first 15 people to email us will get a special invitation to the launch party for themselves plus one guest. Party goers will receive a special gift and a snazzy scratch off card with a chance to win up to $50 in Junk Drunk cash- Redeemable at the new online store and/or in person at a show with us. There will be other chances to win prizes and JDJ cash during the party as well.

The party details: We will be celebrating Saturday Nov. 30th at 6pm – 8pm. Location none other than “Dennisville”. The JDJ team will be providing munchies and drinks as well as tours of the town. We will also have some of our top contributors there by our side.

You will be notified shortly after you email, and if you don’t happen to make that first 15 don’t fret! We will personally mail you a scratch off card to enjoy at home. Feel free to email if you are unavailable on that particular date, but still want to participate and receive a scratch off card (*just be sure to let us know that in the email).

Let’s celebrate!

Nov. 30th is small business Saturday, so we found it rather perfect for the official launch date of! Tell your friends, shoot us an email, and let’s paint the town red! But not literally, I have a feeling my father would be extremely angry if we actually painted Dennisville red. 



Stefanie is the creator, curator, and masquerador of all things Junk Drunk Jones. She opened her first storefront in May of 2015. She enjoys using her creativity and love for vintage flair to create a nostalgic wonderland for her customers.

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