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Every Day Should be a Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Junk Drunk Jones. Here is a little tidbit about me, straight from my etsy store:

Authentic vintage has always felt like home to me, so I decided to take my shoes off and stay a while.

I grew up around old “junk”. I spent my life scouring through antique shop after antique shop, market after market. My first collection of oldies but goodies were a stack of old Peanuts gang books and tin lunch boxes. I was 9 years old. The stories behind those old, crusty pages were way more fascinating to me than any overly manufactured barbie doll.

As I grew older, my personal style went through this weird evolution as well. I have always leaned towards accessorizing with items passed down by my grandma and great aunt. I would snatch up every vintage scarf and sparkly old brooch I could get my paws on.

For me, creating a store that provides both style, and treasure alike was nothing short of brilliant.
Authentic vintage offers a guarantee – and that is the guarantee of some neat, unique, and sometimes downright wacky story behind every single item. I want to share that with my customers every day.

You’ll see and hear a lot about my dad, the mastermind behind Junk Drunk Jones’ old advertising picks. Let’s just go ahead and call him the resident -old ad guru-. He is so into this world of pickin’ that he has constructed an entire town for our family to enjoy. We nicknamed it Dennisville, but from a professional standpoint let’s call it the “headquarters”.



Stefanie is the creator, curator, and masquerador of all things Junk Drunk Jones. She opened her first storefront in May of 2015. She enjoys using her creativity and love for vintage flair to create a nostalgic wonderland for her customers.

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