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Sassy Pants

Sass sells. Yea we know, the saying is usually a little bit different. However, for our Junk Drunk Jones regulars and new visitors alike, we have noticed one thing and that is that sass sells. A good chuckle makes for a great gift to share apparently. 

We want to talk about one of our best selling gift lines, Blue Q. Just shy of dropping the F*Bomb, these products are hilariously wrong (or are they right?). Bubble gums, socks, tin boxes, and a range of wonderful zipper pouches provide our inventory with some of the neatest gift items. We recently learned about the process of how Blue Q produces these spectacular zipper pouches. The bags are made out of 95% recycled materials! NINETY FIVE PERCENT… I know, right?! We crunched the numbers and that is like, almost 100%. They begin with used rice sacks, which are ground and melted. After melting they are woven into fresh material which is printed with the hilarious and funky graphics, and cut to size (available in 8+ different styles and sizes). After cutting to size they are carefully stitched and VOILA! Ready to go. Our owner and operator (and resident crazy lady) Stefanie Jones has been using one of her tried and true zipper pouches as her makeup bag in her purse daily for over 5 years now. And? Not one stitch has popped! She may or may not have a “collection” of zipper pouches that she uses for ALL OF THE THINGS, and her sister has an even bigger collection of them! 

An official statement from Blue Q on how it all works. We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they had real kangaroos hanging around to help out. They really are that cool of a company.

Guess what else? Even better than these bags being eco friendly and all recycled and junk like that… They donate 1% of every sale to support environmental initiatives around the globe. Over $300,000 has been donated since 2009! Basically, you can be hilarious, eco friendly, charitable, and devilishly handsome with every Blue Q purchase you make (ok, ok, we made the handsome part up…).

Wanna see what kind of “stuff” they produce that is available right here in our shop? Here you go:



We also carry a line of local handmade bodycare goods that boast the same sass that our other items provide. Knitchcraft and More brings in some of the neatest and silliest soaps and other items that make great gifts as well. Made with the freshest, safest, and most natural ingredients available too!

Some of the best sellers in this line are the “Nope” soap and the “Soak Your Family Away” bath soaks!

So we are sure you all get the point. When it comes to treating yourself, and finding that unique gift for friends and family alike your best bet is to go with some SASS.

Stop by and see us for a chuckle!

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New Year New Gear


We had a wonderful holiday season at the shop, and we are so grateful to all of our customers who chose to share a piece of Junk Drunk Jones with their friends and loved ones last year. Now that we have almost gotten the hang of writing 2017 on all of our paperwork we are ready to tackle the new year with fresh ideas (and fresh product too!).

We do a lot of market research (aka sitting by the fire reading HGTV magazine and watching Flea Market Flips) in order to expand our design idea knowledge base. Naturally, vintage is in! We are seeing heavy 1960’s and 1970’s modern lines and funky patterns. Color? Oh man, these color schemes we are noting are so bright and vibrant you might need sunglasses on just to take a peek. If you’ve visited our store before you can understand that we are on board with color (and light) – our shop is a combo of circus esque color use, and Vegas would be proud of our use of neon lighting.

We also saw some fun and funky home accessories and we are excited to share some similar pieces found in our very own inventory. Price points you absolutely cannot beat in comparison to the current market prices we are seeing too!

  • Bookends! Ranging from $20-$60 we have several styles to choose from. These unique pieces can liven up your home office, a cozy reading nook, the kitchen to house those cookbooks, or any other spot you’d like to give your favorite reads a lovely pop of fun.


  • Lamps! Not gonna lie, lamps can generally be ultra pricey. Similarly, vintage lamps are often difficult to snag in pairs. However, we have several lighting options to choose from in our store. Ranging from $30-$60 you can brighten any area of the home. We are going to share one of our very favorite vintage lamps in our shop, it is a hot air balloon! With a dual bulb option so you can go from bright to brighter with your style:


  • Threads! Renovating and revamping furniture to give it new life is always a popular (and sometimes a cost efficient) option. We don’t particularly like painting our vintage or antique furniture pieces, but we have been know to re-upholster a seat cushion or two in our spare time. We have quite a few sets of vintage fabric bundles straight from 1965! Would be absolutely perfect for small upholstery projects. Look how quirky and fresh:


We are glad to see an emergence in eclectic pairings of vintage and modern to make the most amazingly decorated spaces! What sort of vintage pieces do you have in use at your home? We would love for you to share your love for great design with us! Stop by and see us, or drop us a line if you would like to view what we have to offer in our current inventory. And remember, Everyday Should be a Treasure Hunt!

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Fall Fun at Junk Drunk Jones

Greetings everyone!
As we move through Fall and head into the holidays we wanted to let you know what we are up to. Halloween is upon us, so stop by with the kiddos this Saturday 10/29 for our special Halloween event and farmers market. This will be the final farmers market for the season and our Main Street shops will be giving out candy. Festivities begin at 9:00am downtown in Cannon Park and we will be open for sweet treats (no tricks) at 10:00am-5:00pm.


We’ve been stocking a lot of fresh new items, and we’ve been restocking all of your favorites as we prep for our second annual Holiday Open House. This event will be Friday Nov 11 and Saturday Nov 12 10:00am-7:00pm. We will have lots of store specials for you to enjoy all weekend as you begin to tackle your gift giving lists. We will also be giving away hundreds of dollars in product for you all as well! Come in and take advantage of savings up to 50% store wide!

bridgeThis season we have partnered with The Bridge of Compassion Foundation which is a local charity providing basic necessities for those in need in our home state. Our store is a drop off point for the north GA area so we will be collecting outerwear for the upcoming winter weather. For every donation made in store you will receive a $5 shop gift card to give or to keep. For more info on this organization please visit

 In other news: Our team is in the process of spreading our wings a little, so you can look forward to announcements soon about finding the Junk Drunk Jones brand in other Southeastern states! 

We hope you all are having a wonderful October and we hope to see you soon!
-The Junk Drunk Jones team

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Summertime and the Pickin’ is Fine


Well, our anniversary has come and gone, so now we switch gears to our next batch of events and happenings. The First Friday Festivals are back and in full swing! The bands, vendors, and goodies the city has planned for the year are superb so don’t miss out. We always stay open late to cater to all of you fine folks who are out and about for a fun time.

We are hosting a private shopping event this May for Advertising Signage only. If you are interested in learning more about this event please email us at for vending and shopping information.

The World’s Longest Yard Sale is coming up this August! It is now 700 miles long! Crazy right? We are going to take a stab at selling this year vs. shopping (let’s face it, the family is cutting me off from buying as best they can). Unless they tie me to our selling tents they may have trouble keeping me from wandering off. *Hides all of the rope. You can find us in TN at the Lone Oak Community Center. Official dates are August 4 – 7 and you can find info here:



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Anniversary Time!


We are just in shock over here that it is already time for our 1 year anniversary! It has been an amazing 12 months, and we are so happy to be a part of the Main Street neighborhood. We have met a lot of wonderful folks both buying and selling since we opened our doors last May.

To celebrate our year we didn’t want to offer something nice for just one day only. Instead, we will be offering an entire week’s worth of specials! Here are the details for our anniversary WEEK of May 3rd-7th:

  • All of our Rewards card members will receive DOUBLE POINTS on every purchase.
  • All of our “Man Cave” Vintage Reproduction Signs will be buy one get one 50% off.
  • All clothing will be buy one get one 50% off.
  • Receive a $10 gift card for every $50 you spend.
  • Daily raffles for spectacular prize packs (seriously, we have hundreds of dollars worth of product heading out to our winners).

Also worth mentioning – we have been marking down prices store wide to help you save even more!

Here is the official flyer up for grabs in the shop:


Stop by and see us! Special thanks to all of you who have visited us, we appreciate your support of our small business.


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World of Retail


Quite some time has passed since our last blog post, our apologies! If you are on our email list you’ve been receiving store specials and company news – not on the email list? Oh you should be! Just email us at and we will have you added in a jiffy.

Today is our 220th day in business, and that is just crazy talk. We have met so many new faces and given so many treasures great new homes. We are forever grateful for the patronage.

Speaking of new faces, that is what this post is about. We had always heard the good, the bad, and the ugly of the retail world. We are still new, so we still have the rose colored glasses on – for the most part our customers are perfect angels. Almost. We can still count on one hand the amount of times we’ve been yelled at or cussed at, so that is a win right? We were asked last night what are the craziest things that have happened in this store so far, and we wanted to share our top 3 wackiest with you now. We sort of made up some nicknames because we aren’t sure what their real names are because we were too baffled and appalled to ask at the time. Are ya ready?!

#3: Tooth Fairy Freddie – We are a family friendly establishment so don’t get that mixed up. Granted, we occasionally prefer people bring their pets in instead of their children. We can be sweet as pie to every child who walks in here, but there is always that one (or two) that see our flashing neons and pretty colorful displays and go all out circus on us. One day that child was “Freddie”. Freddie was at least 10 years old (old enough to know better as granny would say). Touched? Every piece of inventory he could get his hands on… Sat? On every item in our inventory with a “PLEASE DO NOT SIT” sign on it. If he broke something we were too afraid to check. After 15 minutes of “Freddie” wreaking havoc with nary a glance from him mom we gave in and politely asked him to please keep his hands to himself because these things aren’t replaceable. He complied for a good, 60 seconds. We went to plan B – distract him with candy. Hand him the candy dish, and he makes a selection. We watch with hopeful hearts he stays busy with his treat, and what does he immediately do? Chomps down on a hard candy and boom, his tooth falls out…onto our floor… His sister starts screaming (yes, screaming) “HIS TOOTH! HIS TOOTH IS ON THE FLOOR!!!!!”. Finally catching his mother’s attention with the unruly screams they go to our restroom to sort the situation out; leaving soon after. We check out the restroom moments later and it is nothing short of a crime scene. Still can’t figure out how the kid lost that much blood from one tooth. The other people helping out that day still joke that the boy probably thinks I am a witch that handed him magical candy.

#2: Let’s Table That – This is an antique and vintage wares business, so by nature we must buy goods from collectors and specialized shows. Inventory like this does not come from a catalog re-order. Moral of the story: we buy. We don’t necessarily advertise that we buy, and truth be known we have a system for buying – ESPECIALLY IN THIS STORE FRONT. We can’t count on our hands and toes, or your hands and toes; the amount of times people we have never spoken to will literally drag their “junk” in the front door expecting a big ol payout. We require appointments, heads up calls, anything but popping in surprisingly. There are certain seasons we buy certain products and we aren’t always in the need for new inventory (trust me, we could fill 5 more stores with the stuff we already have). One beautiful afternoon a woman walks in and she is interested in selling her dining room table that seats 12 people to us. Our building is 19 feet wide. Nineteen feet. If you aren’t good at crunching numbers that is a skinny building. Our square footage for extremely large furniture is non existent so we simply cannot fit it in. We ever so politely explain this to her and thank her profusely for thinking of us. Her reply? Yelling. Lots of yelling. If memory serves us correctly something along the lines of “I ALREADY HAVE IT HERE! YOU DIDN’T EVEN SEE IT! HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU DON’T LIKE MY TABLE?!?!?” And to think, it all could have been solved with a simple phone call ahead of time.

#1: 5 ‘O Clock Somewhere – One quiet afternoon we had a visitor, and we do the usual welcome greeting for him. This customer has a cloth shopping tote bag with him, but nothing out of the ordinary. He looks at the man cave items, compliments our selection. He inquires as to where our bottle openers are located so he can look at that selection as well. We point him in the right direction and go back to our business behind the checkout counter. Moments later a muffled popping sound comes from his general direction, and another, and another. We quickly learn that his tote bag is full of…wait for it… WINE BOTTLES. He has successfully opened an entire bag of wine with our opener and he quickly jets out the front door, but not before pausing long enough to say “Really like what you’ve done with the place!”. The optimist in us is just glad he didn’t steal the opener.

We wish we were making this stuff up, but we couldn’t if we tried! Don’t worry, there’s more where this came from – this is just a top three! Let’s not forget that the good far outweighs the bad around here. Just thought we could share some of our more laughable moments as we work our way through the busiest retail season of the year. We want our customers to be happy, but don’t forget we all have a family and holidays to enjoy as well at this time of year.

We hope to see you soon!

 p.s. – the corresponding image is just a silly meme, contrary to our company name we don’t have any problems with drinking. We rather enjoy it sometimes!

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Fall Shenanigans

Greetings everyone!

We have had an amazing Summer at the new store. Many thanks to all of our customers and new regular customers! We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing you all since our May 1st Grand Opening.

We have introduced several new product lines over the last few months. The new VW product line has been turning heads and inspired us to find an official mascot! Meet Daisy Mae, the newest member of the JDJ family:


You can meet her for yourself at any of our First Friday Festivals in town. Speaking of! Here is our upcoming show schedule:

  • September 18,19,20 – Lakewood 400 in Cumming, GA.  – Hall F is our home base, you can’t miss us, just look for the Gas pumps and neon!
  • September 25,26,27 – Hell on Wheels Event in Buford, GA.  -This is an extremely wonderful three day event that involves car show, motorcycle show, parade, side show, and live music! We are a sponsor as well as a vendor so come and see us!
  • hell
  • October 2nd – First Friday Festival in Downtown Canton, GA.
    We are particularly excited about this festival because there will be a pin up contest in the middle of it that we are sponsoring! There are several categories to participate in so bring your pretty selves in and join the fun!

Recently we have had the pleasure of hanging out with, and picking with- RJ and Shawn of Swag Antiques in Las Vegas. We have been giving them some insider tips and hosting field trips to some of the best spots to pick in the Southeast. Their shop is located across the street from the Pawn Stars, so next time you are in Vegas stop by for a visit!

We are already prepping for all things Fall, and will be stocking and restocking your favorite football teams signage-as well as fall inspired vintage threads. We are also prepping for some holiday extravaganzas (but don’t worry, we won’t start playing Christmas tunes til at least Thanksgiving). Word on the street is that the city of Canton is organizing an Art and Wine walk, which basically combines things we super like so we will definitely be participating! Stay tuned for details.

That’s all for now, see ya soon!